The First Post

This is my very first post to a Blog.  I’m excited and freaked out all at the same time.  I’ve always been fearful of having others read my writing – so be kind, please.  🙂

I’m starting this Blogedy Blog Blog for a few reasons.  First of which is that I love San Francisco.  I’ve been living in San Francisco since the age of 7.  Our first home was in the Parkside on 41st Avenue a block away from Ulloa Elementary where attended starting in 2nd grade.  At Ulloa, I made my first American friend Lisa.  It’s also where I learned to speak English.  Not bad, right?  You can’t hear my accent at all, right?

When I was entering the 5th grade, we hen we moved to 35th Ave and Ortega – deep in the Sunset.  At that location we had a better view of the ocean.  On a clear day when you could see the Farralon Islands, I use to think I was seeing Hawaii.  AP Giannini was my middle school.  I’m still very close to my best friends from Jr. High.

Our next move was to 31st and Lawton.  We didn’t move very far each time – probably less than 1 mile each time.  My love affair with San Francisco started in the fog.  These days I will say the weather out in the Sunset is way better than it was back in the day.

Currently I live in Cole Valley and have been here for the last 14 years.  It’s here in this neighborhood that I’ve deepened my love for the city – Cole Valley has so much to offer.  You can experience everything the city is known for all within walking distance or a quick bus ride.  Just last night I was giddy from taking the 33 to Valencia for dinner at Bar Tartine  A 15 minute bus ride saved me from looking for parking – awesome!  And the food was amazing!  Favorites from the night were the crab appetizer (perfectly cooked and well seasoned) chicken liver and the chicken with spaetzel.  Items on the menu were all familiar but with a bright and zesty spin.  If you’ve eaten a lot of brussel sprouts around town like I have and you have Bar Tartine’s, you’ll know what I mean.  Just unexpected.

Oh…and this blog will digress to talk food.  🙂  It’s an occupational hazard as you break bread with clients and colleagues.

As a Realtor in San Francisco, I’m often asked about where is the best place to live?  And why.  I’m hoping my blog will open up the dialog to sharing my thoughts and my clients thoughts on neighborhoods.

Every once in a while I will share a question that was asked of me at an open house or by my friends or clients.  Hopefully that will help inform others of what to be mindful of as they think about real estate in San Francisco.

Other times, I’ll just plane old brag about a new listing I’m bringing on the market.  Or share with you what I just saw on the Tuesday tour that was just fantastic, cool, amazing or never thought of.

I’m looking forward to posting weekly.  I hope you’ll find this fun and enjoyable to read.



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